The Awesome Features Of Soundcloud That Will Make You Popular As An Artist

Soundcloud revolutionized music distribution. Such is the popularity of Soundcloud among today's music-lovers, that they prefer to listen to the tracks of those artists who have a huge follower base on Soundcloud. How can a new artist just starting their music career compete with these established artists? Are there ways to promote our profile to increase the statistics that users may look at before deciding to listen to our music? Just as you need a manager to manage your gigs, distribution and deal with the "business" side of the music industry, you also need an online virtual manager to manage your Soundcloud profile and enhance it in every way possible.

And this is where a Soundcloud Bot will prove helpful. With the help of a Soundcloud bot it will help you to monitor who are the best users to follow with the greatest chance of following your back, it can help boost the number of likes on your tracks, the number of comments and reposts so your tracks appear to have some popularity when they go live to the general public. In addition an `automation <>`__ bot can perform a lot of other mundane activities that will ensure your success on Soundcloud such as searching, filtering, bulk uploading, bulk track editing. Also, if you want to investigate the dark side you can create accounts and use these to help promote your tracks whether it be syndicating your tracks to their followers, or using them to help boost your stats as mentioned above.

Here are some of the excellent reasons why you might want to consider a Soundcloud bot and why will it may prove helpful to you:

  • You do not have to make payments for Soundcloud promo services if you have be purchasing plays, likes or comments in the past, this can soon add up to quite a cost. Why not do it yourself, do it better, do it right
  • You can provide your tracks with as many plays and downloads as you want to and whenever you want to. Having a track go from 2 plays to 2000 over night like a service will do is not realistic. Drip feed those plays to keep them consistent.
  • Intelligent follow/unfollow features that will not only help you to gain a huge number of followers but also help to unfollow those accounts you have followed who are not active, haven't followed you back and more
  • The better bots will allow you to be realistic in your promotions. Have you ever gone to, performed a search and just followed all users? Maybe these artists wonder why you have followed them? To avoid this, make sure your application plays a track of the artist before following, perhaps even like the track and if you want to get serious, repost the track before following.
  • A bot should work with you, giving you the ability to be creative in your promotions, you do not want your promotion actions to be rail roaded into a one size fits all suits no one strait jacket. Make sure there are no restrictions imposed as to how the work should be done.
  • Stats boosts are great, but real promotion is about real followers real connections, real likes and comments that you get are REAL in nature though they came about with the help of automation.
  • It can help you to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with the other artists on Soundcloud. Never again miss replying to a comment on one of your tracks, never again miss a user who followed you. The power of bots and automation tools is, they do not make mistakes when performing the same task over and over again (unlike us)
  • The automation will make everything take place at a faster rate than when done manually. Although we do not want to perform our tasks quickly, things do move quicker when automated. This is because we do not get tired, we do not say "I will run those tasks tomorrow". The bot is there, working for you 24 hours a day

There is not be a better strategy for your Soundcloud promotion than this. Using a soundcloud bot will also provide with the ability to maintain multiple accounts, create accounts in bulk, create playlists, track new comments, track new followers, track new favourites, watch your stats and see which actions you performed resulted in the most follow backs and more.