Sharing Your Musical Passion with Soundcloud Manager

Some people create music to earn from it while others make music to simply express themselves. Despite the differing purposes for creating music, both music-making processes are borne out of passion. There are just some musically-inclined people who spend long hours writing lyrics and composing melodies for art's sake alone. They do not have intentions of pitching their songs to record labels. These are the people who do music-making as a form of therapy. For some, it is to relax themselves while for others, it is to release negative feelings. Making music can be an effective way to get over a difficult phase. These types of artists are after the satisfaction of finishing a musical artwork. They are not so much after the money that they can earn. They can have some gigs on the side, but monetizing their craft is not their priority. Some of these musicians do not even accept gigs. It is enough for them to perform for free for their friends, family, and relatives. A single recognition or applause is enough for them.

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